Overview of Our Practice Areas

Glade Voogt Lopez Smith covers a wide range of complementing legal matters reflecting our broad expertise in representing individuals and a variety of businesses. We are committed to providing the highest level of legal expertise to our clients, whether in the transactional & compliance context or in litigation—representing both plaintiffs and defendants. We are licensed in jurisdictions beyond Colorado and our firm has a national and international practice. Our many years of experience prosecuting and defending cases has sharpened our instincts allowing us to better anticipate the other side’s arguments and strategies; and enabling us to provide effective proactive legal representation where the situation needs to be viewed critically from every possible legal angle.

Our expertise helping clients of all sizes (including not-for-profits) in Denver, Colorado, nationwide, and internationally includes, but is not limited to, the following practice areas:

Bankruptcy Law Practice

Business Law Practice

Compliance, Internal Investigations & Corporate Defense Practice

Construction Law Practice

Employment Law Practice

Environmental Law Practice

False Claims/ Qui Tam & Fraud Against Government Payor

Litigation, Class Action & Appeals Practice

Personal Injury & Professional Liability Practice

Real Estate Law Practice

Sports & Athletics Law Practice