Overview of Our Criminal Defense & White Collar Practice

Our criminal defense attorneys represent individuals and businesses in a broad range of criminal defense matters in both federal and state courts. We provide service at all phases of criminal matters; from investigations to grand jury proceedings, indictment, federal and state trials and appeals. Through experience as state and federal prosecutors, our attorneys help individuals and businesses protect their legal rights. Many cases involve simultaneous criminal, civil and regulatory actions arising out of the same events. To handle them, we draw on the full range of our skills and resources, including our civil litigators and business attorneys. We also represent witnesses and victims of crime and assist them with navigating the criminal justice system, obtaining the protections for them that they deserve, and advocating for their rights; as well as assist companies in protecting their brand from the scourge of counterfeiting and piracy.

Criminal Defense & White Collar Practice

Our Denver, CO based law firm has a proven record of fighting for the rights of people and organizations throughout the United States and abroad. We leverage our experience (which collectively includes hundreds of criminal trials) to strategically defend against criminal actions; often prior to indictment and before investigations are made public. We provide aggressive and experienced white collar criminal defense representation for those accused of crimes, as well as to witnesses and victims of crimes, in a wide array of substantive areas that includes:

  • Bribery and corruption (including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and public corruption)
  • Cyber Crime (e.g. hacking, DDos attacks, cyber-extortion, cyber-espionage, identity theft, and phishing schemes)
  • Debarment actions
  • Environmental violations
  • Export & import violations
  • Fraud offenses (e.g, bank, insurance, securities, healthcare, procurement, voter, accounting, and consumer fraud)
  • Human trafficking
  • Insider trading
  • Intellectual property
  • Money laundering, structuring and other financial crimes
  • Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO)
  • Theft of trade secrets

Crime Witnesses and Victim

Glade Voogt Lopez Smith’s attorneys include former federal and state prosecutors who know the intricacies of the criminal justice system and the protections available to both witnesses and victims of crimes. While as a witness, you are not necessarily under suspicion in the criminal proceeding, it is very important that you have qualified legal representation throughout every stage of a criminal case, from investigation to trial. Even if you have done nothing wrong, you could innocently say something in an investigative interview that can be misinterpreted and would point suspicion in your direction. Once you say or do something, without the appropriate protections it place, it can be used against you and rarely can be undone.

Our experience includes advising companies and individuals on how to respond to subpoenas and search warrants, how to address requests from law enforcement for interviews, and preparing witnesses for such interviews. We also advise witnesses with respect to the myriad of issues and considerations associated with grand jury appearances and testifying at a hearing or trial. This includes advising whether it might be advisable to seek “use immunity” (whether formal or informal) or to assert one’s Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

We also represent businesses, organizations (including not-for-profits), and individuals who are victimized by crime, and assist them in seeking justice and restitution through the civil and/or criminal processes. This practice includes bringing a civil action against an offender or other third party on behalf of the victim, and/or packaging the case to make it more attractive for law enforcement and presenting it to appropriate state and/or federal authorities for investigation and prosecution. We also work with crime victims in protecting their rights and seeking restitution pursuant to the federal Victim Witness Protection Act and equivalent state laws. Our firm’s crime victim attorneys and experienced civil litigators have the specialized combined expertise to obtain justice and restitution on behalf of crime victims.

Corporate Brand Protection

Glade Voogt Lopez Smith also assists corporate clients with brand protection strategies. This includes assisting with the criminal and civil intellectual property enforcement efforts and management of global investigations. We review and package evidence that supports successful criminal investigations and the prosecution of counterfeiters, as well as bring civil actions seeking cease and desist and seizure orders, among other remedies.

Our Experienced Criminal Defense & White Collar Practice Attorneys

  • Frank Lopez
  • Asher M.B. Ritmiller
  • Edward L. Shepyer

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